News Articles:April 13, 2010
Brooks, Houghton Interim Funding
$6.0 Million Investment in Revstone Aero, LLC
April 13, 2010 - BHC invested $6.0 million in Revstone Aero, LLC in the form of a senior subordinated note. The BHC proceeds are being used to refinance debt and support working capital.

Revstone Aero is a leading manufacturer of forgings primarily servicing the commercial and military aerospace industry. Aero is comprised of W. Pat Crow which was founded in 1951 and located in Fort Worth, Texas, and General Aluminum Forgings which was founded in 1981 and located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Revstone Aero maintains a wide variety of forging equipment and has deep experience in forging aluminum and specialty alloys across a broad spectrum of product sizes. Its products are used for both commercial and military applications and are found on virtually every domestically produced airframe in addition to ordinance and other non-aerospace military applications.
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